The 5 Tips You Need To Help Organise Your Home

When it comes to organising your home, there is a significant amount of literature out there that provides various tips and tricks on how to make it work. After trialling various different methods, the monsters here at Labels Monster have collected both quick fixes and long term solutions to prevent you from wadding through books […]

Introducing: Sal

custom shape labels monster Sal

Let us introduce Salmanazar (or Sal for short), our square-head red monster who will help find the best shape label for your business needs. His monster friends at Labels Monster turn Sal upside down and use his square head as a stamp! Sal loves to play hide and seek with Rio and Ned and you’ll […]

Introducing: Jerry


Jerry is our crazy little green friend that keeps things moving over here at Labels Monster. Without his 4 arms we wouldn’t be able to keep everything organised over here. He moves quicker than all the other monsters as his body allows his to whisk around the warehouse and help the fellow humans pack everything […]

Label uses you will find in School

Green Monster School Scholar

School, a place of education and learning, as well as a place you will probably find near enough everything labelled. There’s many label uses within a school setting including: Drawers, Books, Registers, text books, letters, equipment, pens and well done stickers! Younger school children always seem to lose things, so therefore, labelling everything can be […]