custom shape labels monster Sal
Let us introduce Salmanazar (or Sal for short), our square-head red monster who will help find the best shape label for your business needs. His monster friends at Labels Monster turn Sal upside down and use his square head as a stamp!. He is scared of the dark, so he always carries a torch with him wherever he goes! It’s a good job he does, because that means, whether you are looking for circle, oval, square, or any other shape label, Sal will help you find the perfect shape for what you need!Download and print out your very own Sal mask!
Meet Jerry our crazy little green monster who sorts through our different labels! He keeps things organised here at Labels Monster, and works hard sorting our customers’ orders and getting them ready for delivery! Jerry enjoys a good cup of human tea, and dunking slugs in it for extra taste! He’s quick and efficient with his multiple arms, and can ship out your order in not time at all for next day delivery!
Ned is the master of integrated labels here at Labels Monster! He knows everything there is to know about integrated labels! He always wants to impress so he looks after his spikey monster hair with slime to keep it looking slick! He enjoys eating rotten onions and garlic to make his monster breath smell fresh! He is our kind little helpful orange monster who will be happy to help you find any integrated label to match your business needs!
Let us introduce Zara - our yellow monster who will be happy to help you look at different type of labels that meet your needs. Z, as her friends call her, loves eating worms and her favourite football team is Monchester Utd. Zara is an expert in A4 Labels, so if you’re looking for any size A4 labels, then Zara is the monster for the job! She will work hard to find you the right A4 labels for your needs!Download and print out your very own Zara mask!
Meet Rio our little blue monster , and one of our most popular monsters in the Labels monster world! Rio likes to run around all day shouting about our crazy low labels prices! He’s an energetic little monster who likes to play tricks. He shouts the loudest and will certainly let you know if you’re paying too much for your labels! He specialises in label on rolls so he will help you avoid getting wrapped up in costly labels prices!

Say hello to our friendly Max from Eeerdinburgh somewhere in Scmonstland. Our pink monster who's happy to talk to you if you need help ordering our products. Max is very knowledgeable about all things in the monster label world, and if you have any question about any of our labels, Max is the monster to speak to! For queries about your order, you can contact Labels Monster and speak to Max!

Download and print out your very own Max mask!