Top Tips For Selling on Etsy

If you’ve started a business or you’re feeling creative and want to sell on Etsy, Labels Monster have some top tips for how to make the most of the platform.

Etsy has allowed so many individuals and businesses grow and have access to a market online. However, how do you go from getting a couple of sales to becoming successful? There is a lot to consider and we have narrowed it down to three essential points that we believe you should focus on in order to succeed.

Be a Member of the Community

Etsy thrives off people coming together as a community to support one another’s business ventures. It is incredibly valuable to both your business and others to provide feedback, give some love on social media and buy from Etsy users. If you have favourite sellers that you aspire to be like, it is worth contacting them and seeing if they’re able to offer you some personal advice on how to help your business grow. People appreciate when you take an interest in them and it is likely to be reciprocated.

It is also worth considering local events and meetups. It helps to establish connections and build your network, especially when you’re trying to get your name out in a busy environment.

Labels and Packaging that Reflect Your Business

What makes Etsy interesting is that you’re almost guaranteed to get something unique and fun that other people don’t have. Why have a creative business that celebrates this juxtaposed with boring packaging? It doesn’t necessarily mean that your packaging needs to be wild and wacky but rather thoughtful and consistent with your brand. A handwritten note or branded stickers can make all the difference.

Brand image needs to be reflected across everything you do and this is where Labels Monster can help you. If you use boxes to package your items, personalised labels with your logo and a simple design help create unique packaging that reflects your business.

Furthermore, our A4 Labels and Integrated Labels are perfect for small businesses, such as those on Etsy, that require them for mailing out items. We can help streamline your business and save you money – allowing you to focus your energy on succeeding on Etsy.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Working alongside being a member of the Etsy community, it is important to use social media to your advantage and promote your business. Twitter and other platforms are a great place to showcase new products, engage in conversations with other businesses and prospective customers and arrange discounts and competitions. You’d be amazed how quickly a little competition under the #WinItWednesday hashtag can generate interest, and ultimately, sales.

Consider a newsletter to encourage loyalty from repeat customers. This is a perfect place to add a voice to your brand and personalise it to you. People use Etsy because they enjoy the humanity of it and getting to know the person behind it all makes a difference.

Facebook ads are another viable option when it comes to generating income and successfully marketing yourself. You’re able to target people that fit your audience and offer them a unique discount.